the awareness of the energy

On the last email we discussed about the amount of energy in you influencing your sexual magnetism (or personal magnetism, since the principle is the same for both).

You’ve seen that it’s not as straightforward as in: let’s do more exercises to increase the sexual energy in you. There’s more to it.

Then the other aspect we haven’t discussed is about the awareness.

This of course is the foundation of all the training since if you can’t feel it, then you can’t control it and you’ll have no idea about what you’re doing.

It’s a bit hard to know if the sexual energy is flowing correctly in you, if you can’t feel it.

How do you know?

On that situation you’ll only know by your behaviors and overall feelings in some more extreme situations. You’ll have little knowledge about it in your normal everyday life.

That’s why developing your awareness is a fundamental aspect of the training. In fact, most of our trainings in Charisma School is about becoming more aware of different parts of you.

Once you are aware, then you know what you need to change.

If you don’t recognize that you have a block in a certain part of you, then you’ll have no idea where you’ll need to work the flow of the energy.

Example: let’s say that each time you go on a date, your chest tightens, your energy contracts and stops flowing in that area almost completely. If you have no awareness of it, you’ll feel it but it won’t register in your brain. You won’t know what is happening.

While with the development of your awareness, not only you understand completely but you’ll also be able to control it once it happens and allow yourself to change this conditioning inside of you… Then, in the next events, this contraction gets weaker and weaker until you have a great energetic flow in that area – and on the rest of the body.

But this is only possible if your awareness is well developed to understand the internal workings of your energy, mind and body.

This is a bit tricky since awareness in itself won’t grow your sexual energy or magnetism, but it will allow you know exactly what you’re doing that is preventing that energy growth or to maximize it in some way.

So the awareness is your main working tool in the development of magnetism.

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