the common way of handling sexual energy

On the last email we talked about the great big influx of sexual energy and how we’re not ready to handle it.

The interesting thing is society as a whole is hyper-sexualized, but then we are surprised for the amount of scandals with a sexual nature.

When you have sexual ads, movies, shows, social media popping up every day, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know this energy will need to be handled one way or another.

For me this is basic math and physics.

If there’s a large influx of any type of energy into a system, that energy must be handled in some way. It won’t simply disappear. Often it will transform itself.

Sexual energy is not exception. But it has a main difference.

It’s advertised and being shown everywhere, yet, we are forced to heavily control it if we want to be a part of society. It’s a paradox, because it’s everywhere, but it’s still a tabu.

And because of it many people handle it poorly. Mostly because they were never taught how to manage it inside.

One of the main ways we have – the most common way your body and mind use – is by repressing it.

You pretend sexual energy is not there and doesn’t exist. Or you force your body and mind to ignore it so that it’s not displayed to society.

You become asexual on the outside but very sexual on the inside. Of course, this creates a strong division.

And then anxiety pops up, nervousness when in a present of someone you are attracted to. It’s easy to understand why. If you’re filled with sexual energy inside, but don’t want people on the outside to know about it, you’ll have a steaming fire inside and nowhere to evaporate.

It’s like you have a fireplace in a room and no chimney or way to extract the smoke. What happens is that the room will quickly be filled with smoke and the air becomes unbreathable.

It’s the exact same thing with sexual energy. Lots of fire inside, and no way to extract it. Anxiety is certainly one way of handling it (although not the only one).

Your heart beat increases, you start to sweat, your brain either won’t stop or freeze, and so on.

In Charisma School we want to end this by teaching you on to handle that fire inside. To construct your own chimney and ways to channel that inner (sexual) fire. This way you can still use it to warm yourself but it has a very strong smoke extraction to get only the good outcome from it.

And we do it with the training:
>>> Sexual Energy Mastery

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