The connection between concentration and Will

Regarding the last email, a student asked me what’s the relationship between Will and concentration.

And the answer is: everything.

You can’t train concentration without training the Will. And you can’t train the Will without training some concentration.

Both the training of Will and concentration generate tension energy.

If you have enough energy awareness you can easily recognize this. It’s generated with each exercise, so you can know that Will and concentration have the same root energy.

It’s inevitable to recognize that.

That’s why they are both trained with exercises from Will and concentration. Even if you don’t know the first thing about tension energy, you are certainly generating it with these type of exercises.

Hence, they are connected in this way.

By doing a concentration exercise you are training the Will. Let’s reflect on this:

The concentration exercise is usually focusing on a certain object of concentration and retaining that object in mind during a period of time.

For that, your mind will naturally keep wandering and your goal is to reduce that mind wandering. So you’ll need to shift things around inside – particularly in your mental state -, and as you do it, you are bringing back the power of your consciousness – hence, the power of your Will.

This is where you see your Will – by deciding what you WANT to do at any given moment. And in concentration exercises, you are deciding it on each second, hence, really creating a strong Will as you go along.

But as I mentioned on the previous email, remember that this continues on your daily life. The exercises are used as a training ground, so that you can that same skill in your daily life – even if not as deep as in the exercise.

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