the importance of internal awareness

In the last post, we talked about the possible harmful effects of what you watch, read, or listen to. But that’s not all.

Remember that you also have harmful effects by what you think. The thoughts in your mind influence everything about you and your life. Your health is included.

Yet, we barely notice.

Thoughts usually roam free inside of us without any control. Then we are surprised when anxiety and panic show up. Or when depression shows its ugly face.

They are only consequences of unobserved and unhealed internal dynamics. That’s why we place such considerable importance on awareness.

Only by internal awareness can you avoid negative consequences while aiming for the right place where you want to be.

I know of no other effective method.

But it’s not simply about dismissing negative thoughts. Remember that thoughts and energy go hand in hand.

Often times we dismiss bad thoughts, but we forget about the associated energy that runs inside. So we are playing a game of whack-a-mole. One thought pops up, and we may get rid of it, only for another to pop up just a few minutes afterward.

This only happens because we’re not handling everything about them. We are only handling a thought when we should be handling both the thought and the energy associated with it.

We can get rid of everything associated with the thought only after we release it.

That’s why courses like The Unblocking Process are so essential. With it, you can go to the root of your thoughts and learn how to eliminate internal blocks slowly poisoning your body and mind.

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