The internal workings of a manifestation technique

In our last email, we talked about whether we should set higher goals, which are almost unrealistic, or lower the bar, setting our expectations lower – and a good way of doing it that doesn’t involve one or another but instead uses both.

By doing it this way, you use different internal workings of your system. It’s important to explain to them so you know what you’re doing.

The first is the old manifestation law: “If you can’t feel it, you won’t get it.” You need to clearly feel what you are supposed to get, or else it won’t come to you. When you set a very high goal, most likely, you are significantly removed from that energy.

It’s probably a completely different energetic reality from your current one. Or maybe not, but only you can know that.

When you set out a more achievable one, you can easily incorporate that energy since it’s more believable and doable.

The second working is about the Will. You build up your will by setting lower, smaller-scale intentions and frequently accomplishing them.

So rather than have one almost unachievable goal, you have plenty of lower ones that help you gain enough power to grow your energy.

The third is about energy. In the same way that your Will and power grow, so will your energy change to start accommodating a new reality. When you achieve your 20,000, it will be easier to feel the energy of 50,0000, then the 100,000.. and so forth.

So, using this method, your energy changes gradually.

Another option is to short-circuit the system and start immediately with the energy of what you ultimately want to accomplish – then there’s no option other than to external reality to adjust to your internal energy in ways that you can’t predict at your current level of awareness.

We discuss these techniques in our training:
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