The path of non-resistance

In the previous email, I mentioned that the key is to embrace whatever you are feeling, allowing the energy to flow without resistance.

That’s the crucial aspect of all inner work.

It’s not about repressing or ignoring, nor is it about acting out and expressing externally; instead, it’s about feeling everything internally without resistance.

This means that if you start to feel the urge to punch Bob from accounting because he’s being an asshole, you won’t act on it—meaning you won’t punch Bob. Moreover, you won’t repress or suppress that intense energy you feel inside.

If it’s pushed down, eventually, the aggressive impulse will resurface. This time, it might not be directed at Bob from accounting; it could be towards yourself or someone close to you.

Alternatively, it might transform into something else, such as anxiety or even physical ailments, diseases, etc.

Expressing it, acting out on it, could lead to severe consequences like getting fired or, worse, facing legal consequences and going to jail.

Instead, feel that energy as intensely as it comes. Experience it without any form of contraction or internal resistance.

This way, the energy can naturally appear and disappear, almost as if it was never there.

All unblocking, inner power, and magnetic work are grounded in this essential principle of non-resistance.

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