The scapegoat of society

In the last email, we discussed finding scapegoats for our feelings. When we want to be angry, we find someone who makes us angry. The series of events manifest themselves before us.

But… interestingly, this also happens on a larger scale.

In any community, if most people feel something, someone will step up to incorporate those feelings. A larger scapegoat that gives voice to them. It can be a person, a brand, a movement.

We see it in politics, in religion, in sports. Anywhere really.

So, what happens to us in our lives on a microscale also happens to society on a macroscale.

And we need to be aware of this. Each time we are drawn to a mass movement – whether in our group of friends or the world – we externalize a feeling inside us.

First, observe this feeling, but also monitor the energy that you are inadvertently joining. You may be entering an energy that can do more harm than good.

Particularly, our rational mind and our thinking processes will be severely affected by it. It will all seem logical and sound. But instead, it’s merely a reflection of what we are feeling – that’s why it seems logical. Our mind is affected by what we feel.

Instead, I’m advocating for awareness. Notice why this feeling is inside of you and the way you are externalizing it. Notice WHERE (or to WHOM) you are externalizing it. Once you do, you are giving your power away.

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