The two cars

In the previous email, we discussed how sexual energy is like a fragrance we exude. We are not stealing from others; we are producing it ourselves.

And the real question becomes… how can you generate this energy inside of yourself so that you always have it inside rather than attempting to steal it from someone else?

If you are constantly drawn to sexually magnetic individuals in a vampiric state, then it means sexual energy is lacking in you. You are not allowing it to flow inside; hence, you are attempting to get it from the outside.

When you unleash your own sexual energy inside, you allow it to move freely inside without blocks and restrictions. You will be able not only to project your sexual energy but also to connect with the energy of others without attempting to steal it.

The following thought experiment illustrates it well.

Imagine driving an old, beat-up car, and a Ferrari stops next to you at a stoplight. You say: “nice car,” and the Ferrari driver simply drives away, rolling his eyes.

Now, imagine driving a Lamborghini, and a Ferrari driver stops next to you at a stoplight. You say again: “Nice car.” What will be the reaction of the Ferrari driver?

Much different! Probably a compliment to your own car, or maybe you could even stop for a chat.

Why do we have the same sentence and completely different reactions?

Because now you are on the same level. You are not just vampirically gawking over the nice car. You have a nice car and are admiring another from an equal position. No

This example is quite obvious since there’s an external aspect (the car). With magnetism, it’s all internal, but the other person feels it. If you don’t have sexual energy, they will feel it just like the owner of a Ferrari when you are talking from the old, beat-up car.

So, work on your magnetism to get you to a point where you are exuding this great fragrance. Start with the training:
>>> Sexual Energy Mastery

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