Why do you keep having the same energy blocks?

On the last email, I wrote about energy blocks and how they work. But there’s an important point I haven’t addressed:

Why do you keep having the same energy blocks?

When students start to become aware of their own energy and their own internal blocks, they notice that the same energy blocks tend to pop up.

Particularly on the same type of situations.

Maybe you always get the same tension on the throat each time you talk to your boss.

Or maybe you get the same knot in the stomach each time you attempt to flirt with someone.

And so on…

Sometime during your life you created these energetic defense mechanisms to handle the influx of energy on particular situations. Most likely it came from early childhood. Particularly in behaviors you’ve had your whole life.

After all, even if someone taught about energy when you were 5 years old, it wouldn’t be easy to become energetically aware of what you were feeling inside and that age.

But yet, you still felt the same need to externally express your emotions. Maybe your father didn’t bought you that toy at the store and you were frustrated. Or you really wanted to eat that candy and you didn’t have it.

Either way, energy is risen inside of you and one way or another it needs to be expressed.

So you need to internally manage it anyway you can, since at certain moment of your life, you can no longer start crying, screaming and kicking.

Hence, energetic blocks start to be created.

And then, each time that familiar energy pops up again, you (unconsciously) know that you should tense your throat (for example) to get rid it.

Each time it happens the block gets solidified. It’s now your default way of handling that type of energy.

Of course, now multiply this by all the different types of emotions that couldn’t be expressed and the many different ways your energy has risen inside of you with no escape route.

So you get a very complex internal network of energy blocks. You now understand this is your own energetic defense mechanism.

Working with energy blocks is a great way to understand where you are stuck and what you have to work with. For me it was fascinating to discover how exactly my body was handling the different types of energies. In flirting, in angry situations, in sadness, and so on.

Particularly as these blocks get clear, and the energy starts flowing again, your life radically changes since your habitual reactions start to change.

You no longer internally react the same way you’ve always reacted your whole life. And since internally you change, you are bound to externally change as well.

Your reactions are now free from the internal binds of the energetic blocks!

That’s the work we do in the training:
>>> The Unblocking Process

To Personal Power,
From Charisma School

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