You are not your blocks

We often tend to identify with our blocks as if they are a part of us.

And they are, in a sense, but not as you may think.

Remember that blocks are defense mechanisms created to protect you from an internal or external perceived threat.

In other words, it’s your system protecting you from something you – consciously or unconsciously – perceived as menacing and harmful to you.

And they can be very revealing about ourselves and how we choose to be protected.

But they are not “you”. If you let go of the inefficient defense mechanisms you may have, you can express your true self a lot better.

You want to let go of those irrational defense mechanisms preventing you from doing what you genuinely want.

Maybe you want to expand your magnetism in your work presentations, but you have a block preventing it.

Is this block “you”? An expression of your true self?

Of course not; it’s a defense mechanism that was useful in the past, but it’s no longer helpful. Quite the opposite, it’s limiting for you.

I’m sure you now have other conscious ways of defending yourself that are much better than the unconscious and irrational blocks that were most likely created when you were in your infant years.

Although this block may be revealing of yourself – in the way it manifests – it’s actually limiting you, not allowing you to do what you want to do.

So you need to understand it, let go of it, and ensure your system understands that you have other tools for handling this and no longer need it.

Until your system “understands this,” the block will still protect you.

In “The Unblocking Process” we go step-by-step in letting go of these blocks.

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