energy leaks

Is too much thinking draining you?

I'm sure that at a certain moment of your life you experienced a personal problem that you couldn't solve. And it took you quite a while until it got sorted out - or maybe you're undergoing this process now. And if you are like most people, you'll think about this...

What type of blocks can we have?

Here's an interesting question from a reader: "What type of blocks can we have in our body?" Blocks is a very interesting topic. First let's define them. We can consider blocks as an interruption of our healthy energy flow. The energy wants to constantly be flowing,...

Energy Leaks Examples

Energy leaks are ways that you are losing your hard gained energy. You could be doing 2 hours of energy exercises everyday yet still reach the end of the day very tired and without vitality. This is a clear sign that you have energy leaks. It doesn't matter what...

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