magnetic interactions

Talking in casual social situations

Here's an intriguing question from a student: "I noticed I seem to find it easier to talk to close friends or my husband but I find it extremely difficult to communicate with acquaintances, especially those I see regularly. What could be some of the causes?" We're all...

The unseen magnetic struggle in interactions

Here's a very important quote of William Walker Atkinson with many important elements of personal magnetism (emphasis is mine): "It is apparent to all students of human nature that there is a wonderful difference in the degrees of what is called "personal force"...

Do you have a strong energy with others?

In all interactions, there's always someone with a stronger energy and another with a weaker energy. The stronger energy isn't necessarily the one who talks louder and with larger movements.He can be quiet, yet you know he has the stronger energy. Think about a CEO...

how to increase your power in interactions

In all relationships, in all interactions, there's an exchange of energy between people. You can gain energy with that interaction, or you can lose energy. It's not always necessarily a win-lose interaction. No, actually you can have also have a win-win interaction or...

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