Develop Mental Toughness Training for World Class Achievements

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On this course you’ll learn a basic framework for mental toughness training for business, sports or life.

Mental Toughness is a psychological edge that enables you to be consistent, confident, focused and determined during difficult situations in order to perform at your maximum potential. This is an expected requirement for succeeding in high pressure environments.

The business world is full of people in highly pressured jobs that demand mental toughness as the foundation of their success. Recovering from setbacks, dealing with difficult people, coping with change and uncertainty and missing targets are just a few of the potential sources of pressure that test the mettle of business workers.

On this course you’ll learn how to develop mental toughness in the area of your life that you most need to. The Charisma School framework for Mental Thougness is divided into Mindset, Mind Training and Body/Mind Relaxation. These 3 dimensions are all interconnected and one cannot go without the other if you want to fully develop your mental toughness.

Each of the videos below describe one part  of the framework and each of them has at least one exercise that you can do to develop the essential skills necessary for mental toughness. Go through them in the given order.

Course Outline:

Mental Toughness Course Introduction and Framework

Mindset – How to Get Motivated
Mindset – Personal Goal Setting
Mindset – How to Build Self-Esteem

Mind Training – The Power of Visualization
Mind Training – Stop Negative Thinking
Mind Training – Best Technique to Improve Concentration and Focus
Mind Training – Getting Uncomfortable

Body Relaxation – Tension Exercise
Mind Relaxation – Centering Exercise

Mental Toughness Course Summary


You can also watch the whole course on a YouTube playlist here:

Develop Mental Toughness Training Course

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